Kwekwe squad


Village Elder
This was four years ago

Three former members of a Mungiki extermination police squad have recorded crucial information with a city lawyer days after their ex-boss was murdered in Kitui, The Nairobian has learnt.

The officers, who were once attached to the dreaded Kwekwe Squad, fear their lives could be in danger after the mysterious shooting of Chief Inspector Zebedayo Maina on August 3.
The Nairobian has learnt the three believe a secret police hit squad has been formed to murder officers thought to have vital information on the 2007/2008 post-election violence and the large-scale killing of suspected Mungiki members. It is estimated that tens of people were murdered in Operation Maliza Mungiki.

Contacted by The Nairobian, Interior ministry Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo dismissed the allegations that a hit squad had been formed.
“That’s not conceivable; it is illegal. Police can’t do that,” he said in a terse response to our inquiries.
But the city lawyer acting on behalf of some members of the disbanded Kwekwe squad says his clients are living in fear.
“They know very well they may not survive and that is why three of them have already approached me seeking my advice. They are willing to spill the beans,” said the lawyer, who requested anonymity for fear of being targeted. He added that more officers in a similar situation have also contacted him and are ready to swear affidavits for safekeeping ion case they are murdered.
“There is a lot of discontent especially within the Flying Squad and Special Crime Prevention Unit from where most of the Kwekwe squad members were drawn. The officers are not happy because they believe the killer squad is enjoying the backing of powerful individuals,” he claims. The nature of the information the officers hold is unclear, but it may touch on state sanctioned extra-judicial killings and the involvement of powerful individuals in the post-election violence.