• Happy New Year, and Wishing You A Productive 2021

Ladies as long as your focus in life are these dragons called men, this is what you can expect

It's very unfortunate but women never learn. A man is a utility,take him as one as long as you give any man priority except your dad and your son you can expect 2 things either you will be a regular client at the Heart Break Hotel or hospital for stress related ailments or ARVs. Or you will turn into a prostitute because you are angry feeling helpless and trying to regain your crushed self esteem. For the women advising such women that cheating is the way to go after kuchezwa would you advise your friend to take up smoking if the husband starts smoking?These kind of bad advice is why married women are becoming superspreaders and having a bad reputation of being the most desperate and cheap or loose women.
As someone who can't remember the last time I cried over a man especially on a new year like this one, my advice to marrieds and all women still relating to these men, is Roho ni ya Yesu but if you have organs to waste then give a man a kidney coz you can afford to loose it and survive.

Please, please, please if a man is not treating you well and is cheating, don't go out there to cheat bcz you will just be misused and then the same men who you wanted to console you, will say how cheap you are behind your back. My advice which I've given to many married women is to stop having unprotected sex or any sex at all bcz of HIV and demonic soul ties and divest your emotions to someone who deserves it like your kids. Women this year we need to grow up and stop wasting our time and energy on anything that doesn't profit us.


Happy new year mum's,,,Aki nmerukisha na machozi,,,yaani mwanaume alisema ameenda job whereas alikua akienda kwa mwanamke,,,,Aki no more trust ata dunia isimame,,,,huyu ni alien si mwanaume,,,,I will never forget n never forgive him,,,,,,,dynosor,,,,this how my 2021 begin,,,