Laikipia Women Representative Catherine Waruguru Arrested over incitement


Village Elder
Leaders should not behave like that. Wanatakiwa kuwa kielelezo. Tukibehave hivyo sote je? Sasa wakibehave hivyo showing disrespectful attitude kama hiyo to officers of the law, how is this country going to be governed?
I'm not not getting you ! Was there any in that meeting ? May be we should get the video about the meeting


Village Elder
A leader who displays such rude manners and assumes such a tone in public is simply signalling to her followers to embrace similar attitudes and manners.


Village Elder
She is arrogant, any law officer and even watchman should be respected. Making them feel powerless is like tearing the fabric of law and order
Funny how majorty of the chest thumpers pale KOT ni ma tree holder:D:D:D goes to show the great division amongs the sexes.Clearly hapa its evident,the way she spoke to the police chief,who was male, the ego amongst fellow males was rubbed the wrong way,but it it was a female chief tungesema wacha wapigane