Lake Naivasha Panorama

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Female Perspective

Does checking into the rooms require a marriage certificate?
No...Last time I visited we bought drinks and drunk outside the manyatta rooms! Some jungus had like 20 whores and they'd f**k them in turns...dem whores were fucking screamers!@Kidinyi I wasn't among them the 20!
What are the charges?
Entrance, a plate of chips, a small soda, a bottle of tusker, swimming pool, swimming costume, room?
Not sure of the room charges, but food is relatively cheap. I spent about 3.5k to include food, soft drinks, swimming pool charges and evening tea for two adults and two kids. You should give a try bro you wont regret.
I carried my own swimming costumes. They charge 300 bob for adults and 200 for kids for the swimming pool. Kama wewe ni mlevi you will be disappointed cos they don't sell alcohol.
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