Lake Naivasha Resort


Village Elder
Very good investment there. Assuming that this was not the product of embezzeled funds, then my congrats go to the investor. He has shown the seriousness of investing in the hotel industry. Saa hii the likes of Enashipae are feeling the heat, am sure.

However, most of the builings that you have posted have too much concrete. This basically looks more of a concrete blocks, he should have alt least incorporated some glass. Also the rooms lack balconies. There is nothing as good as a balcony in a hotel room, where you can go at night and smoke your weed.
Not impressed at all it will fail in the next two years. No creativity used in the building of the resort that will make it stand out from the rest just the normal stuff you can get in any hotel in the area. Hata the food on offer does not look appetising. SO SAD!