Village Elder
The reason why there was unrest in school was that we had gotten a new head teacher and she came with her own rules.for one no one could perm or curl her hair.she went ahead to do searches in dorms and the teachers took anything that looked like home clothes. They took grub(snacks).they said that some of the girls put alcohol in juice.for me it was not an issue because I never had snacks and I could not dare carry home clad. At last we arrived in karatina and I went home at kidu7:20.I told my mum the story and she did not talk she left for work.two weeks later we went back to school and all cops were suspended alongside other gals. I could not believe I was amongst them. When I went to get my letter I tried to plead my case but it fell on deaf ears.I was so confused when the deputy Mr mighty(this guy taught me literature. Sijui what he had in his pants he would suddenly sneak his hands in an vigorously scratch his private parts)gave me the letter I refused to take it.the slap that landed on my face...I have never forgotten.
I finally took it and went for my two weeks suspension. This is where it all started going down hill.I found my mum at home just before she left for work. "Ndigagukore guku" (let me not find you here)were the words that met my spirited efforts to explain my nonparticipation in the strike.....