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As @The.Black.Templar asked girls schools don't have vitukos.actually the modes are the ones who harass the my last year if high school the head girl called a meeting for cops.I was the DH cop so I went.The meeting was about an impending strike that I did not know about.I tried to talk them into a boycott of classes instead but wakalenga .a shout of AMKENI! Is what roused me from sleep at kidu 3am .with dread I got off the bed and dressed up.there was someone who was directing people on which directtion to walk.being from karats at the time I followed the others who includes those from nai.I don't know where or what happened to the watchie but we walked out without was such a long walk to karats.we all arrived safely...lakini ingekua Leo I dread to think of what would have happened to this group of girls walking at 3am in the morning.TOO LONG!part 2 on the way
Wanjiku macho znawasha kama zimeingiwa mshanga