Learn from Samidoh

A man need to introduces some genetic diversity to his progeny. You've got to spread your bets like Nyachae, the kids you have with your wife may turn out to be a bunch of losers. A man needs to place a few wild cards out there who may make up for the failures at home. Thumps up to Samidoh. Women like @TrumanCapote can get their panties on a twist all they want, but men should be men.
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Samidoh is just being introduced to the harsh reality of life as a successful man. He still has decades to go. By the time he hits 50, he'll have at least 20 kids with 14 different women. It's just a fact of life that women will throw themuselefus at and crave the seeds of "prominent" men. You can't dodge all of them, no matter how hard you try. Jamaa ata ukienda kwa chochio media pages zake, countless women, most married or in relationships, shamelessly offer themselves to him. Ni vile tu hii Karen Nyamu napeleka yeye mbio, but at some point atatii wito, stop giving a shit about public opinion, and broadcast his seed far and wide.
My question exactly....this is just a young man starting up in life...not necessarily rich but he will make lots of money in future depending on the choices he makes now.
Bitches don't just seek such men for their money, but also for status. Huyo Nyamu can squeeze more from those tenderpreneurs than Samidoh can offer but the fact that he's so popular makes him stand out. Ni kama some ghaseer rapper fucking a billionaire's wife.