LEAVE CHINA: Japan Pays 60 Firms $536 M to leave China immediately


Village Elder
In my opinion, this is absolutely logical, because the "war" continues and China definitely needs to get rid of competitors and those that can negatively affect the situation.
And it seems to me that this is not the first and far from the last step in this direction, which will take place in the near future. And even a change of power will not lead to any rapid global changes. The situation is becoming more tense and serious and over time this may lead to the fact that such alternate decisions will become more and more global.
I think this is a dangerous situation for some traders. But there are traders who are looking forward to the fluctuations in the market that this will bring - and now for them the "golden" time has definitely come.


Village Elder
It seems to me that such a strong and independent country in any case does not make any chaotic decisions and everything makes sense. And if such a situation has really developed here, then it certainly means that it has some impact on the economic and social and even political position of the state. So I think that even if we do not understand the reasons for what is happening, then we definitely have to watch how all this develops in order to make informed and accurate decisions in the market at the right time, because it is precisely such things that affect stability and whether you will make a profit in the end, you always need to be attentive to large and small events that occur in the market.