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  1. JMMohaa

    JMMohaa Village Elder

    A quick one smart phone wizards
    I bought this phone a few weeks ago at Safaricom shop.The problem is the Touch screen is not responding to touch
    NB:The screen has not cracked at all,plus the phone has not dropped from any substantial height.
    Ktalk Billionnares keep off,The warrant is still viable- Any quick solution before I return it to Safaricom,am out of town in those very remote areas of Kenya.
  2. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    solution ni kununua infinix, never disappoints.
  3. Koolibah

    Koolibah Village Elder

    Tecno my friend. Ota hautajua simu zinakuanga na mashida hivi hivi