Let their deaths not be in vain


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I have sent a letter to the MP of Kibra Ken Okoth
I have sent a letter to the State Department of Education.
I have sent a letter to Gov. Mike Sonko
I have sent many letters. I don't know if anyone will read them but this is the least I can do.
I'm simply asking them to protect our children in boarding schools while they get their education. Fire safety and preparedness in schools should not be a mere guideline under the Ministry of Education. A guideline is just a suggestion or a recommendation. It needs to be the law! This should be the first order of business in the new house, well maybe the second because salary is always "top priority".
I just hope someone will listen. Matiang'i has done good things and I want to believe he won't let this pass like his predecessors during Kyanguli, Bombolulu and any other I may have forgotten.

I would encourage you to contact them on the same. Shoot them a message hata kama ni facebook. Ask them what they are doing or planning to do about it. After all that's their job.

Rest In Peace dear girls.
Kerubo my grandmother emechando yaerire timoka vava.

Meanwhile if anybody knows who the cabinet secretary hot shot father of this murderer is can you inbox me the name? I just want to know who raised this witch and I really wanna see her stupid face!


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  • Installation and checking of fire fighting equipment must be a standard procedure before granting school license.

  • A follow up by a reputable safety audit team/company on a monthly basis on equipment and reliability when needed

  • Pick a team from students,security guards,caretakers and even teachers and train them on fire fighting and safety procedures as they are the immediate respondents when hell breaks loose.

  • Have an emergency response units situated in nearby locations and accessibility to schools should be looked upon to. You would come across a school in the middle of boni forest with no access to even clean water for drinking yet expected to extinguish and inferno by twigs in the middle of the night.

  • As a safety measure,all kitchens and labs to be situated far from dorms and be stand alone units with several exit points.

  • Strict measures to be undertaken and any offender to either be jailed (for the staff) or expulsion for students i.e no lighters,open fires and smoking inside the compound


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If this info is true(click the thread), every school should try to match the fire preparedness standard of Starehe Boys Centre

Even before reading the tweet i assume that it will require changes in the way the dormitories are constructed, like adding more doors , lower windows without grills etc


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You should also write letters to parents who raise kids with outrageous sense of entitlement.
That's why I need to know who the parents of the said murderer are. Seriously inbox if you know.
Are you saying that the murderer is a daughter of a Cabinet Secretary or what?
That's the word on the street
If this info is true(click the thread), every school should try to match the fire preparedness standard of Starehe Boys Centre

Kudos to Starehe. I thought we were well prepared at Kenya High but Starehe is clearly the gold standard. Do we have to wait for mzungu to do everything for us? Sijui tulikosea wapi.