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Explicit Leta reviews

Allow me to give you a piece of advice, friend. Umalaya in kitu hatari sanaa katika maisha ya mwanadmu. Ningependa nikiuambie yakwamba, inafaa tuachane na umalaya sababu ni dhambi. I will never encourage you to continue in such wickedness. Si ume wacha bibi nyumbani. Why do you look for diseases to go and infect her? Surely you should love your wives. I would like to tell everyone to cease from such acts. This is because are never beneficial to lives. Again they are against the will of the creator, our God. Tafadhali namasihi, msipeleke umalaya huko jameni. If you have been doing it, it is time to change now.


Village Elder
I think it is high time that we should be serious with life. We should not get involved in things that will ruin your life. There are people who are married and till participate in such things surely. This clearly indicates that you don love your wife. You are cheating on her. Even if you dont have a wife, this act is evil and we should never tolarate such. Let every town be a town that is free from such things. It is high time we come back to our senses. we can never participate in such things at this hour. It is against the will of God. I think, I have told you a bitter truth and you might not buy my idea though it is the best at the moment.