Letter To Commander Chupi


Village Chief
Samson Ogola
3 hrs ·

Dear Hon. Raila,

I hope you and the resistance are fine sir. Jakom, you are on record stating in no uncertain terms that what we had on 26th was a Jubilee Nomination Exercise...an event you understandably commanded your supporters to boycott. You even suggested a "real election" in 90 days.

Sir, since the above position (i.e. what took place was a Jubilee nomination) hasn't changed, I'm inclined to ask the following...

1. Why did your supporters block roads, intimidate election official and hunted those who participated in a Jubilee exercise? Are you saying there are zones in this country where Jubilee can't operate let alone have their nominations...Is that the democracy you fought for and always lecture on?

2. Why are you calling hourly press conferences to criticize a Jubilee Nomination Exercise? Why are your supporters obsessed with the turnout of a Jubilee event...considering they are supposed to be preparing for a real election in 90 days? Could it be that deep down you know that election is over and is bitter that it went on without you?

3. Why have you instructed one of your supporters to challenge a Jubilee Exercise at the SUPREME COURT (is that where we challenge party nominations)? Is this not evidence enough that you've realized your decision to boycott the 26th poll was a big blunder and is now trying to get a second chance?

Thanks in advance for prompt and honest answers. Otherwise, happy Sabbath

Yours Truly,

Samson Ogola
(One of the people your supporters are persecuting for participating in a Jubilee Nomination Exercise)


Mzee mzima

Village Sponsor


Village Chief
Wacha wajinga waendelee kumuabudu mungu wao....

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Wengine hawajatembelewa hospitalini lakini watarudi kuvaa machungwa....

I will still ‘kunywa’ teargas for Baba- Owino Mawe speaks after being run over by car in Nairobi

    • Nicolus Owino Owiro alias Owino Mawe says he is a diehard Raila Odinga supporter
    • Owino Mawe,a father of nine has been rallying behind Raila for over a decade
    • He was run over by an oncoming vehicle during a NASA protest that turned chaotic
    • He says that only Esther Passaris, Simba Arati and Amolo Otiende have visited him

Nicolus Owino Owiro, a resident of Korogocho estate where he is commonly referred as Owino Mawe, is 65 years old.

The father of nine has been in active politics as a diehard supporter of ODM, CORD and now NASA**, rallying behind Raila for over a decade since 2004.

“My support for Raila will never fade. In fact, it grows stronger whenever I listen to him. It started long ago in 2004 when he was championing for constitutional referendum during President Kibaki’s regime. Up to date, I am Raila damu,” he says.

He says he was given the nickname Owino Mawe because of his unflinching support for Raila that has seen him sustain injuries several times whenever demonstrations turned chaotic


**Isn't it funny how Baba's political vehicles just morph and leave some folks clueless i his wake, the way a python leaves its old skin after moulting?