Lexus 2016

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2016_lexus_rx-350_4dr-suv_base_fq_oem_2_500.jpg 2016-lexus-es-photos-and-info-news-car-and-driver-photo-658531-s-429x262.jpg 2016-lexus-es-inline2-photo-658551-s-original.jpg
Pic 1-Lexus RX350 2016 model
Pic 2-Lexus ES350 " "
Pic 3-Lexus ES350 interior
I've always admired the Lexus cars.
New features: Anti-roll design which is important when turning corners, Intelligent breaking when a car/object/person infront is too close, Dash board redesign and many more.



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Haha. I read that Lexus huwa very silent, Unaweza fikiri umesimama kwa mtu wa gazeti na umechomoka at 100 km/h.
Kweli. Very smooth and silent, nice power. Great for long distance driving. Na ni boring for everyday driving.
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hizo new features are in a volvo ya 2005. toyota do zilch research and innovation; they scavenge. and yes hio grill is uber ugly when u see it live and aging will be merciless to it.
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