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Came close to financing this beast last year. GS 350 F Sport.

Had an opportunity to drive it for a week and totally loved it. Didn't buy it because of the very wonky multimedia system which is super outdated, so much tech which made the car very boring which means you can't do anything with the computer freaking out, the car just is made to look good.

The cheaper Hyundai Genesis is so much more fun and better interior comfort than the above car...
When it comes to this class of cars, Nissan beats Toyota/Lexus hands down
Lexus SUVs are amazing. Mine is a GX 460 and I love it. You can’t go wrong with a Lexus..
Careful; that's just a Prado with a big petrol engine & a stability program -- it's still too high for it's track. But you're a woman & a mother with kids, ergo, aren't likely to want to live all the way to it's tip-over threshold as the rest of us, so, happy motoring! A Lexus is a low-slung V8 sedan north of 4.3l with the grunt, growl & manners that go with that, not that high-strung crap Americans have been taken for a ride with by the Japs. Ask for a test drive of the GS 450h next time you drop by the dealership kisha utwambie vile ulikuwa haujui.


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Dont joke with @Purple birrionea extraordinaire. Huskii alinunua hii kijiji kama pet :D:D Saving 99% is not a joke.
Wuehhh mimi nilijua ligi yangu,juzi pia ameonyesha screenshot ya account zake through online banking,ku convert ni kama mita 20 ziko kwa account,na saa hiyo bado anasema vile walinunua shamba pale muranga at 7.5m.
Hadi bogoo sangu zikarudi kwa tumbo...but sasa nakaribia hiyo ligi pia mdogo mdogo


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watu waache mchezo.
Do u know how much that car costs?
Weekly pertol cost?

Ikikam sector ya magari mimi niko very moderate

Hakuna kujipiga kifua

Real Estate ni tofauti.
Hapo ata @WuTang huringa na makeja ndani ya semi-slum umoja