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I have just seen an update on a two year old story that I followed up some time back.

You probably heard about the story about 2 years ago. The mother separated from the father upon disagreeing with the mother who was derailing the boy's gender identity. The law gave the mother custody. A boy who was six years old then, and was convinced by the mother that he was a girl. Whenever he would visit with the father, he dresses and behaves like a boy. But with the mother he behaves like a girl. He probably does not think the mother will love him as a boy.


Anyway, that is been overtaken by events.

NOW, the boy is supposed to begin puberty blocking medications, something that basically castrates boys and arrests their sexual organs development. Then after that, the boy will be subjected to gender sex change surgery.

And the father is supposed to foot THE MAMMOTH MEDICAL BILL FOR ALL THAT as part of "medical care" for the boy. If he does not pay, he will be jailed.


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what the hell? that is some fucked up shit. Why not just let the boy grow up and follow his natural instincts? This is a very fucked up issue. Why don't I see young girls being subjected to such forceful transformation to be boys? If the father tried that it would be termed child abuse and CPS called immediately. Holy crap!
The feminization of Western society. There's very little the father can do since the courts in the U.S always favor women, ALWAYS! Sasa jamaa ni akubali tu kukamuliwa tu pole pole. It's shit like this that discourages the men in the West from marrying and siring with American women. Hell, it's shit like this that gave rise to MGTOW.