Today, Oct. 10th another most volatile election is being held in that is worrying the international community shitless. LIberia will be going to polls. George Weah is back in the ring and this time he is ready for the fight of his life!.
But first things first.
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is retiring so she wont stand again. The task of carrying the ruling party's flag has been left to Joseph Boakai, the current vice-president who is nothing more than Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's long-drawing shadow.
He has nineteen other contestants to face-off with, and two of them pack a very powerful political punch.
Let's begin with George Weah. Even football blondes know George Opong Weah; the greatest African footballer of all time, and the only African to ever with the World Footballer of the Year Award. By the way, his 17-year-old son, Timothy Weah, who bounces around with an American passport, has just signed a professional contract with the Paris St. Germain youth team. An apple doesn't fall far away from the tree.
It will be the second time George Weah is running for president having won in round one of the 2005 elections with 28% of the vote against Sirleaf's 19%, only to be cleaned out by Sirleaf in the run-off. To make amends this time round, George Weah has handpicked Jewel Howard-Taylor, the ex-wife of warlord Charles Taylor, as his running mate.
And that's where the rubber meets the road.
You all know Charles Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence in a British jail for his role in fueling the conflict in Sierra Leone with the blood diamond thing. Like any other warlord, Charles Taylor still commands a fanatical base in Liberia and it is this mass that George Weah seeks to consolidate by having a Taylor in his ticket.
That was a political master-stroke, because the other guy they are facing off with is the vilest of rebel fighters Africa has ever produced.
Up steps Prince Johnson.
I will not go into the history of Liberia but all of you have watched that YouTube video of President Samuel Doe being butchered to death. It's all over the internet so stop using your internet bundles on porn and save them on stuff that matter.
Prince Johnson is that guy sipping that Budweiser beer and being fanned by an assistant as he shouts instructions to his men to cut off Samuel Doe's ear. That video is as painful as it is hilarious. I feel no pity for Samuel Doe. Those who live by the gun must in the same token die by the gun.
Prince Johnson is now Senator. Senator Prince Johnson is standing for president on a Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) ticket. You see how democracy is just a word and reconstruction can mean anything to an African politician?
Prince Johnson is the reason George Weah had to look for a Taylor associate and put them on the ticket; because immediately after Samuel Doe's death Johnson briefly claimed the presidency of Liberia which only ended after Charles Taylor walked in with his rebels and forced Johnson to flee into exile in Nigeria.
And although Bishop TB Joshua reconciled Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson during the latter's time in exile, the hatchet was never really buried and October 10th is another Taylor vs Johnson rematch that has got everyone in the world balancing on the edge of their seats.
And it better deliver the hype.


Village Elder
Mbona hawa Liberians wako na majina zote za kizungu? Na vile hio country iko nyuma
It was created by USA to resettle most of the slaves who wanted to go back to Africa after the American civil war. Pia Sierra Leon.
Hehehe they seceded and as they say the rest is history