Life is fickle

kah tony

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Just got news that a woman I've been involved with for a while now got into an accident Jana. She's in hospital in bad condition. The problem is that I can't go and see her owing to the nature of our relationship. I'd texted her last evening with no response and told myself she must have slept early, this morning is when I got the news from a friend of a friend.

Hii maisha Aki.


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i understood that the nature of your relationship was a clande, till you said you and wife are praying for her. this is now intriguing, please describe that relationship tuelewe.

kah tony

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Jana being a Sunday nikasema I'll call a mutual friend nijue Hali yake. Saa hii visiting is only restricted to immediate family kwa sababu ya Covid. Nikapigia msichana (an ex gf) kujua mgonjwa anaendelea aje. Reason main story iko chini ya maji ni huyo ex.

Story kuzidi ametaja boyfriend... LAHAULA! Huu muda wote I'd never known. Huyo bf nilikuwa najua alitoweka kitambo inaonekana alirudi.