Linus kaikai and apostle ng'ang'a

Apostle nganga attacks linus kaikai for speaking out about rogue pastors misleading congregation. Ameona nyama ikitolewa kwa mdomo if the govt decides to regulate them as it has happened in Rwanda. Nganga says they also deserve big cars and good jobs like learned people, and if kaikai does not stop he will deal with him. He thinks kila mtu ni kondoo to be intimidated, I support linus on this one

I can see why it is a bit harsh but pastor aina gani anajaza gold chains and watches kwa mwili. The bible teaches humility. Not that you ride a bike when you can afford a car but don't glorify yourself with worldly possessions. Huyu Nganga anakaa mkora.
They say he spent 21 years in prison for various offences...he is a criminal turned preacher.