Lion Vs Buffalo

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Cast out by his pride, this starving lion was forced to take on a fully-grown buffalo in his desperate bid to survive.What ensued was a brutal hour-long battle leaving both animals bloodied, exhausted and with fatal wounds.Dramatic images capture the lion savagely biting and clawing at the buffalo's mouth, the big cat's face smeared with blood from where he's been gored by his heavier and larger opponent's horns.

Both animals died as a result of the clash. The lion succumbed to injuries two days later while the buffalo later died of infection


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Cast out by his pride, this starving lion was forced to take on a fully-grown buffalo in his desperate bid to survive
Such is the most vulnerable stage of the lions life...unfortunately all male lions have to go through this stage, where they are 'thrown out of their homes, neglected by their grown off springs and the young offsprings are murdered by the new head of the pride who dry fries it's former wive(s)...'
How cruel can life be??


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I saw on natgeo a lion got injured after a fight and he lost so he was banished and in two weeks he only ate a hyenah and was growing weak only to stumble on a buffalo that was stuck in mud and since they usually dont scavenge he tried to suffocate the buffalo lakini wapi he was too weak so he just lay beside the easy prey and died
hehe....He ate a hyena. alijaribu. nothing takes on a hyena unnecessarily because the scavenger has the bite of a shark.


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hakuna kitu mbaya kama bite a carnivore. The mouth usually has colonies of bacteria that can kill within hours of reaching bloodstream. Ni kama kuumwa na mbwa anakulanga nyama, kuku, and such stuff or a baboon.

Na huyo lion ni fiam pia. he is coming back for a bite even after getting gored bad. Huyu ni kama ule jamaa mnapigana na unampiga lakini he doesnt ever acccept that the fight is lost or unwinnable. If you are not defending yourself, keep off such a fight ata kama wewe ni Stone Cold because you will either kill and be jailed for eternity, be killed, maim or be maimed.

Are we different? no...lakini we have developed an eupheministic justification for our own murderous wants..... good old intelligence.
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we are very different from that..
We arent different. we are only more savage. We hunt, we slaughter, we keep and feed animals for slaughter...Imagine a more intelligent organism keeping us for slaughter. na the only time you are allowed DFKM ni during breeding, or not at all....eeh?...scary.. A bull has the right to mow you to death when he gets a chance and a lion can eat you if he finds you. You arent their friends. after all your kind will slit his throat at any moment. Only that we rarely get a match.
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But has no strength to match a weak lion

Another one a lioness had her lower jaw ripped apart by buffaloes while she was protecting her cubs.
ofcourse a hyena isnt strong. Lakini when he gets a bite with those jaws, he will crush the bones or amputate parts. The only strong part ni jaws


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Animals that belong to cat family die very easily from physical wounds you rarely find them with such wounds.take a look at a domestic cat or dog.

This is Gold

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majority of cats hate water try tossing a cat into water uone mbio itatoka hapo
When a lion is hungry na dishy yake iko ndani ya river e.g an antelope it will swim to get it. Ps they also say lions dont climb trees, jaribu siku moja ukiwa unafukuzwa na lion upande mti....utashangaa my friend
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