List of men who have allegedly slept with shebesh

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Senior Villager
1) Hon Hassim, Kamukunji County
Rep who is also the Jubilee
minority leader at Nairobi County
2) Reuben Ndolo, former Makadara
MP, who is also said to be
Shebesh’s elder sister’s side dish.
3) Hon John Kiragu Chege, Limuru
MP. She is said to have slept with
him during a TNA-URP meeting.
4) Mike Sonko. The two were
having s*x at a Nairobi hotel when
Sonko slapped her.
5) Hon. Mark Ndungu, a youthful
Nairobi Jubilee County Rep and a
close associate of Mike Sonko.
6) The late Hon Mussa Idriss Ndele,
former speaker, Pan-Africa
7) A watchman called Kazungu who
was guarding Shebesh’s residence at
Riverside. They were busted by
neighbours having s*x in a car.
8) Musician Kenzo. The two were
busted by a paparazzi having a
good time at a popular Nairobi
hotel. The photos also went viral.
9) Former PM(Unconfirmed). The
two were known to be cozy and
lively in there conversations during
her time with ODM. This is yet to
be confirmed
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