List of your next Chief Justice out

My first support goes for William Ouko and if he does not go through then Philip Murgor.
But either way from this list i can confidently say the future of Judiciary is bleak. I foresee a weak Judiciary.
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None of the current SC Justices applied. Even Justice Njoki refused to be state house candidate. Good decision, no need to soil your name for others narrow minded political quests.

This is just the start, the interviews will shade more light on the candidates.


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Yaani this Moni Wekesa....ati because you have 2 PhDs sasa unajiita Dr Dr. I thought it was a typo nikaangalia his LinkedIn profile. He actually calls himself Dr Dr.
Sasa ukianza hivi na ile Siku nitapata PhD yangu mtakunywa busaa na amani kweli?


Ngatia Deputy ni William ouko. Hapa Ruto ghasia atabaki na tunoi chieth. Deep state tukacheze pale kwa Debe. Supreme court wasema musalia mudavadi was valid elected. Tuone kama wasapere wataacha Ng'ombe zao waendee mandamano.

wachanga aibu ndogo ndogo, hawaja advertise deputy na deputy lazima akuwe female kama mdosi ni male