Littering The Car

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That and arguing with the passenger. You can get too into it. Focus. Also the driver picking something up from the floor. Simple traps I've watched causing accidents. It is better to stop and park for each.


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Hehe, if I need to brake, I will. Unless there's a baobab trunk lodged under that pedal, the car will stop. Sembuse chupa ya planyo...


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And what is the purpose of a handbrake in a car if you cant use it in an emergency? When the worse comes to the worst, you yank the damn thing up and the car shudders to a grinding halt. But I doubt whether people who learned how to drive na zile gari za kupiga lap mtaani can reason that way.


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Some Toyotas have the parking brake in place of the traditional clutch. You just put it down slowly. But the thing is, accidents happen in a split second. By the time you jam your foot two or three times on the brake to before giving up, you have hit the pedestrian or the vehicle ahead. Lakini parking brake itakusaidia kwa mteremko if the brakes fail or burn out.
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