Live at 2 waters

Offers ni mob sana huku...sana sana i suspect ni kwa sababu ya back to school.

Pia naona hii mall imejaa jaa. Iko na potential...maduka ni mob.


Nimegrab stock ingine ya shopping mpaka next year!

Naona xmass itakuwa lit kama wataendelea na hizi maoffers!
Hapa ni Ruaka, kweli Kenya is growing
What growth? these are the rich getting richer... Kenya's economy is primarily run by agriculture and yet farmers are wallowing in shit. How does the country grow when only brokers like chris kirubi who produce no tangible goods or items build malls like two rivers? Construction of malls like two rivers in Kenya only serve as an indication that 1000+ people have become poorer. In the next few decades, fertile agricultural land in Kiambu will soon be taken over by buildings and we will be here shouting "Kiambu is growing" while we wallow in shit and import all our food from other nations! We should be crying and protesting instead of getting amazed and applauding.
looks like they're not there :(

but in other news, si my cousin is a whore???!! WAWAWA! i lent her my phone zile whatsapps zimeingia ai yawa and from different guys.. wacha tu nimcall nimuongeleshe juu ya ukedi.
hahaha that needs a thread of its own, drop us the story with screen shots! Priss!