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  1. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    I have a problem... i need to stream something live over Facebook video live. We have Canon DSLR camera and the best software so far is SparkoCam which has a big watermark unless someone buys it.

    Any advice about the alternatives or other ways.... TIA
  2. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    u want us to buy it for u?
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  3. vipersnake

    vipersnake Village Elder

    I Have a device called ViDiu ..I Hire to u @5k

    MISCHIEF Village Elder

    Just use your fuckin phone
  5. jagger_snr

    jagger_snr Village Sponsor

    I have a fork that I use for such purposes and am always told the vid is very clear.
  6. theiamyaddah

    theiamyaddah Villager

  7. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    hahaha.... kwerra uko!!!
  8. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    i did that but the auto-focus bit was messing up the video quality
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  9. BRIAN Me

    BRIAN Me Senior Villager

    Tumia OBS... Open Broadcast Software..it is easy to use na ukishindwa you can find tuts on Youtube
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  10. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    Thanks mate, av downloaded the youtube tutorial let me go and see how it works!!!