Lobby threatens to take Nasa to ICC over poll violence


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A group of the civil society members under the umbrella Council of Kenya Professionals (CPK) have threatened to take the National Super Alliance (Nasa) to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the event that they make statements that could lead to violence during or after the repeat presidential elections scheduled for Thursday.

In a press briefing, CPK chairman Ababu Namwamba said they have dispatched a team of observers and researchers to monitor, record and document any acts of violence during the Thursday poll which they will use and give as evidence to the ICC.

“We have set up a command centre where we shall receive live updates of what will be going on across the country, those who want to boycott the elections can do so but they should not interfere with the rights of other Kenyans,” said Mr Namwamba.

On Sunday, the CPK launched a campaign under the banner "Kura Yangu Haki Yangu" and vowed to fight for the right to vote for all citizens.


They said even a zero vote return documentation by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is accepted in the constitution.

The former Budalang'i MP condemned Mr Odinga's election boycott call, terming it a selfish move.

“It was Nasa that went to Supreme Court, occasioning the repeat of the presidential elections. Calling for the boycott is in contempt of the Supreme Court ruling, disrespect for the rule of law and the Constitution,” he said.

He also termed the continued calls for reforms at the IEBC by Nasa leaders as a threat to the independence of the institution.

According to Mr Namwamba, the council has already launched a case at the ICC against key Nasa leaders among them Mr Odinga, Senator James Orengo and Kalonzo Musyoka.


The council is accusing the leaders of sponsoring and promoting activities that are likely to trigger violence, crimes against humanity and genocide.

He said the council has also resolved to petition the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, the United Nation’s Security Council and the Office of the Rapporteur on Genocide to collect evidence, prosecute and hold to account those responsible for violence.

Former legislator Danson Mungatana said nobody was above the law asked Nasa not to interfere with elections.

“We will not sit and watch our country go down, those who will not wish to vote should stay away from polling stations, “he said.

Senior counsel Katwa Kigen asked the opposition to stop issuing threats to IEBC saying that interfering with elections was a crime.


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I thought we never needed ICC.. "it was bias against Africa" I remember people dancing in the streets like mad men at the Hague to protest. What changed?