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Yesterday I found myself flipping through Kenyan tv stations. Some had the usual Alejandro I f**k you Alejandro shit. A few had local productions. Now this is where things became a comedy for me.
There is this production on K24 called Get In The Kitchen,which is a reality show. As I gathered later,men get nominated by their wives,sisters and or female friends to appear,or if they think highly of their culinary skills,they ask to appear in the show. Two men appear per show n are required to watch n observe a professional chef prepare a meal which they are then expected to replicate n a winner,is chosen by the accompanying WAGs n the chef. Thats where the fun starts.
They have a kimbelembele host,male of course,who seems to have let all that good food he eats on the show go straight to his gut.
So the guys who were on the show yesterday,comedians not cooks not chefs.They were preparing some fish concoction and something they were calling naan bread. Kumbe naan bread ni chapo Tu. One guy was like hakuna pahali naweza nunua chapo hapo nje...

This is one local production that I think I will try to watch when I have the time...good one
Which local production do you think its worth the effort put into its production?
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Papa shirandula ilikua inabamba kitambo lakini siku hizi haishiki sana.
every good production requires periodic reviews...that is why they have seasons so that new material is planned and developed. create as you go productions like vitimbi are bound to get tired at some time...
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