logical thinking


Village Elder
You have defined the problem, now proceed to find the solution. Use simulation, or some other scientific method, dont forget to inform the village of your findings.


Village Elder
If from Nairobi to Thika was a strait line and two vehicles,a bus ya kenya mpya and a vitz left at the same exact time,both maintained a speed of 100kph,which one do you think itafika kwanza?
Wind will affect which vehicle that will arrive first.
Vitz has small body so resistant will be small
Vitz itafika 1st


Village Elder
Umenikumbusha zile funny but real application questions kwa KLB physcs ya seco. Ati " Kwa nini marabou stock akiland huwa anaflap it's wings". Ati kwa nini msee akiwa kwa cliff ya Mt. Kenya kuna high likelihood ataanza kunose bleed?"