Looking for a more reliable less expensive ISP

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i sometimes feel like someone is watching my download when it gets to 97, 98, 99% they just flip off the gadamn switch holding the middle finger..This has happened to me severally especially when am doing big files without resume capability,
Anyone using Africa online or Liquid Telecom or Yasaat. Screenshot (10).png (am going big this time)



Well its a shitty network trust me.. But unaweza try kuicheki cheki

Pia simbanet si mbaya
SimbaNet is one of the local partners of YahClick. I'm not sure if this is the only package they have but the cheapest YahClick I ever saw was about US $100 p.m.


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Access Kenya are reliable, good customer service but their pricing can be too high in comparrison to other ISPs. E.g for a 1024/1024 link they charge 10k plus VAT. Compare that with zuku or even JTL. Plus I think they stopped doing residential connections and only deal with corporates now.


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I had a bad experience with Access Kenya, unreliable connectivity, and their costs were high. At that time (& I think till now) they were interested with corporate clients. Changed and moved to Zuku and stuck to them for about 3yrs. I have never regretted that move.....

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