Looking for suppliers

Can anybody supply me with the following?

1.Down view mirror

2.Power steering pump

3.Brake master valve

4.Cylinder support

5.flexible hose assembly

6.wiper assembly

7. Oval exhaust muffler assembly

Hizi ni za sinotruk


I am looking forward to doing some business. Tusidiane na tujengane.
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Am not supplying anything but hilo swali ni general sana. Siunajua hata forklift iko na powersteering pump?
Hii sio forklift, ni terminal tractor ya shunting within KpA from the STs gantries to the RTG cranes stacking yards. Also driven very roughly
I know a chinese that has these spares in Msa kama ni ya CNHTC Howo. Inbox nikupee leads
I thought KPA uses za Kalmar na Mafi, sijawai ona za SINO