LootAll should just resign

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He should not resign. PORK and DPORK were elected as a tag team so if resignation is the option they should both resign. End of!
Half of the votes that gave Uhuru the power to demonise the country as he is doing now came from Ruto's supporters.
WSR has been v patient and shtum hata akipigwa viboko.


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na pia uliona sonko kwa cell? The difference is Ytitu knows when to play ball.... sonko did not. Will Sugoi know when to back down? I dont think so.
Jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya hahaliwezi shikwa. It would be problematic and the optics would not be good.
Squeezing his and his cronies'pockets where it hurts most is what Uhuru is doing.

They'll desert him since they can't sustain an 18 month onslaught from the state.