Loss of a team mafisi member

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A licensed firearm holder has shot
dead another man in
Garden estate, Nairobi.
The incidence occurred after the
firearm holder found the
other man having s3x with his
girlfriend in her house at
Garden Estate when he came
The firearm holder is said to have
traveled for job purposes
but returned much earlier before the
day he had told his
girlfriend he will be coming back.
in remembrance of him all members
should award him a 21 shot salute View attachment 41821
I schooled with the guy who was killed in campus at KU. He is called Chris Muganda
Going to jail for a loooong time just because of a pu**y is not worth it at all. Kule ni taabu tupu :chawa,kulala chini, no freedom, na pu**y hakuna, mkia turn.
Armed with a pistol and also in possession of a pretty good phone-cam, I'd use the latter to capture the scene so that the grounds for dropping the slice-giver are formally registered. Atoke akikaukanga, na ka-boy kake waende wakatafute single room Zimmer. Na wavae, watoke, under threat of the Colt. No shouting, no drama.


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What's wrong with these civilian firearm holders. You are only supposed to draw that gun when your life is under real and imminent threat. This guy will serve time, or loose his sanity, or spend a pretty coin with cover up, and life will never be the same again all coz of just a girlfriend. Ata ingekuwa wife, it's not worth it. Sasa atawacha msichana akigawa slices. Nkt
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