Louisiana Shooting

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So as you already know there has been a shooting in a movie theater Louisiana state in the US. This thread is not about gun laws or the number of mass shootings in the US. I am just perplexed at the style of reporting of these shootings. Why does the media feel the need to inform us the name of the movie that was being watched. This also happened in the Aurora shooting a few years ago. I don't understand. Why does it matter what movie they were watching?


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4 real what mind game is being played here? not only on CNN but all sites they're very detailed about the film. The evolution of journalism i guess.


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They want us to believe that the movie had something to do with it
The reference to the movie is meant to give the story readers a scale of the people endangered by the shooting (it is assumed that the story audience already knows how popular or unpopular the movie is). It is like if a terror attack happened at Nyayo Stadium during a football match (and God forbid!) and the reporter tells us that it was during a Gor/AFC Leopards match which Kenyans know is popular- it is all about perspective...
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