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  1. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    Is it just hype?
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  2. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    Nice car, "its no longer shaped like a brick"
  3. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    The aerodynamics are impressive and a 7 seater.
  4. marine1

    marine1 Village Elder

    Looks like a fortuner now.
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  5. nairobilay

    nairobilay Village Elder

    Exactly! I saw one on the road a couple of weeks ago and couldn't figure out what the hell was going on with the back of it.
  6. marine1

    marine1 Village Elder

    They really spoilt it. Fwack them Indians.
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  7. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    I guess they were producing something that can cruise, the box certainly suffered drag when cruising.
  8. Grundy

    Grundy Village Sponsor

    Really? A 2017 model on our roads?
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  9. nairobilay

    nairobilay Village Elder

    Yes..but i suspect it was being taken to RMA. Seats still had that plastic paper covering and it didnt have plates
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  10. bababibitoto

    bababibitoto Village Elder

    Saw one in Mombasa yesterday
  11. kush yule mnono

    kush yule mnono Village Sponsor

    Mujamaa kuna real mbirrionaires out here. Soon utaona more of them, though I liked the old model more.
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  12. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    I find it ugly,esp from the rear three quarters
  13. nairobilay

    nairobilay Village Elder

    Fellow birrionaire alinitumia hii jana
    5F0DFE6F-AD60-4A6C-96F0-81FD3EF39807.jpeg CA230EF3-FC20-453C-82BC-439E76234E5F.jpeg
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  14. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    It's not ugly. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't look like a disco anymore. It's a Ford explorer with a different badge.
    When you owned a hammer you never thought about aero, same thing about the disco. Whether in v8 or turbo diesel.
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  15. Bigfish1

    Bigfish1 Village Elder

    Exact copy of a Ford, it maybe a bit longer than a Ford probably yet to see one up close to confirm
  16. sodamadiaba

    sodamadiaba Village Elder

    Drag sio issue, can be overcome with a heavy right foot (lol). Shida ni crosswinds. Unapiga 120kph results ni alot of body roll/faint steering/alot of poop....same to L.R Defender/Series I,II,III Range Rovers
  17. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    Seems that is debatable. Does this particular model address the issue of crosswinds?
  18. sodamadiaba

    sodamadiaba Village Elder

    I'm yet to watch the video, but the vehicle looks more aerodynamic. I hope they've put some clever engineering into this model too.
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  19. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    From the clip, I can see comfort, stability, passenger space and power. It can attain reasonably high speed without compromising on control.
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  20. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    Niliskia hizi suv apart from Toyota ikigonga 5yrs kuuza itakua noma na kama imeshawai pata accident front impact utajiongelesha nayo
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