lunch break advice

Andrew Kibe

Senior Villager
Hii weather lakini is like Nigerian women. It's ugly!!!!
Lakini let's drop that for now and get into the real issues.
I'm having lunch in a karestaurant and I must say I'm both impressed and disappointed. Naona hot mamas being brought to lunch by guys who want to bomoa them. These are probably office drones so like 75% of them are playing a fool's game. They'll never bomoa these Corporate Chiles. it's what I wanna talk about real quick, I continue to eat my lunch.
My friend, there are only two ways to a Corporate lady's pu**y. You should either have surbodinates at work and this means more chums than her and a second hand car or you be dripping testosterone, like myself. Infact I'm a full package. Why do you think ladies also come to watch my Facebook page just to hate?
The fool's game of buying her lunch kila siku only shows this materialistic Chile that you're not busy enough meaning you don't make enough mullah. That you're not suave enough to have lunch with the lady she's jealous of. Women always have someone else they wanna be.
You need to start being a real nigga my nigga. Women dangle sex to you ata wewe you must dangle attention and companionship. Don't be a sissy, ati when she takas you accompany her to lunch uko hapo, sijui zindikisha her from Upperhill to her matatus za ruaka you're dry spell has you there.
Listen, these Chiles look to you as their retirement plan so you got power on your side too. Play smart.