Lupita Nyong'o cries foul on Harvey Weinstein...what are the continuum thresholds?

A news story has emerged whereby Lupita Nyong'o accuses Weinstein of predatory demeanor towards her.
Lupita Nyong'o...Of her I have seen many articles, reports, factoids etc. about her prowess as a talented actress of Kenyan extraction born in Mexico to Kenyan parents when they lived there then subsequently raised in Kenya.The only noteworthy observance of her was through the very successful box office wonder of 12 years a slave....However, and its patently impossible for me to do so, I fail to qualify the veracity of an allegation that, through numerous tales imbued within this chalice of fame and glory has been spread. There is a distinctively dark side that often time is emergent in the aftermath of all such fame and glory. To be fair, the apparent devolution of Lupita to self-aggrandizing herself is not one I can either rule out as envy, nor veridically affirm as factual. And the survey says???
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Before jaruos turned unruly and storned jomo kenyatta's motorcade when went to officiate the opening of Russia Hospital
Kama ningekua na meza insomnia haingenisumbua, detox Sunday ni prayer day ya mtoi natoa uchafu wote kwa system.
It is good you took the effort to complete a full sentence; now you can probably reflect on its ramifications......U know wanaume wenye hujoin wamama kudakua yasiyowahusu huku kenyatalk are more prolific than women....U might end up as the secretary general there.