• Happy New Year, and Wishing You A Productive 2021

Ma ya ngai @Meria Mata.



Yaaaaaaaani @Meria Mata ,
I can hitch hike a ride from mlolongo with my chapos ,tea and the things you wanted to come and find you playing a game of hide and seek with me!
I have just seen mutheu getting out of your msedes benz...you told me you had stopped sleeping with these cheap women.

Can they even write you love poems like I do?
can they even write?

NIMETUPA FUNGUO ZA MSEDES...NA SIMU YAKO PIA! try swimming in the burst banks to get them back.
Look at you hiding like a vagabond!!!

sinakuona vizuri sana...jifiche tu kwa turela ya Ndirangu!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:
We are done.