Madness in Europe

This is bull. In every place in the world kuna sex workers and they are women and johns who are men. Everybody knows who needs sex and its not women because 90% of men in the world cant even give a woman an orgasm. Ive not watched the clip but if they are rioting for sex, ni kuchanganikiwa wamechanganikiwa. If they want sex and to be paid for it too, the sex industry is never short of vacancies. Let them not spoil the good name of women, women are not animals like men who must have sex or else they will sodomise other men,or rape children and animals. I know in this place, reality used to be a friend of the boys here, they have such a warped schema that sometimes I feel like why why do I even bother to reason with them becau they really are beyond redemption and should just be left to their folly like you leave a mad man rolling around garbage alone . There are no men left, what we now have wameshindwa kuconcentrate on what real men do which is build empires now they are busy fighting women,degrading women,insulting women . Ukiona 'mwanaume' like @Karoga who spends his whole day bashing women left ,right and center misleading men who are followers like him and not leaders,with mommy issues, wengine hata walishafunguliwa booty, just know you are dealing with failures because no sucessful man doing big things anashinda kwa mambo ya wanawake 24'7. Pls ile group iko hapa ,go back to older men and ask them what it means to be a man because what I see is man child not men. Usiku kucha, either you are gossiping/talking shit about women or politics or betting sijui jackpot odds. I am no longer going to engage children who wameshindwa how to be men on nonsensical issues. Before you tag me over nonsense and come post shit here to prove that you are a man because you are better than a woman and to prove that betterness you really have to stoop very low looking for very lowly things about women to prove that theres someone you are better than , ask yourself if this is why your parents put your through 16 years of education, are you so worthless that you have to go out and look for some shitty things another group of people is doing to feel you are worth something and its worse when you are a man, wanaume wengine wako juu chini doing big things you the best thing you've done with your life is mathogothanio(MGTOW) and Red Peels. How pathetic can a humanbeing be. Talk shit from morning to evening about a certain group of people to feel superior, to feel worthy. Wacha niwaambie what the grandpa told me, a man isnt words, a man's actions speak for him. Go do something worthwhile with your life instead of joining groups to bash and dominate women, join groups to build empires like real men do. And on that note @Abba I am blocking you for wasting my time on non issues. Grow up.

Before you point a finger at the speck in some women's eye, remove the amazon forest in your eyes as men. Deal with your own messed up ,sick sexuality before talking about women and sex ok