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  1. cooljamaa

    cooljamaa New Villager

    Hi guyz need to join the mafisi sacco group on telegram..link please anyone
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  2. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    You've just missed the last train.
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  3. Fire-Trak

    Fire-Trak Village Elder

    pea hii toto jinga kiti @pamba
  4. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    (30).png Achukue hii
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  5. mpotorico

    mpotorico Village Elder

    Advert zone he he he apan cheza na kilimani moms
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2016
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  6. Phenomenal Woman

    Phenomenal Woman Village Elder

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  7. Beast

    Beast Village Elder

  8. 10000 OTHERS

    10000 OTHERS Village Elder

    kwani ule purity aliletea jeshi ya @Frisk 1 noma??
  9. Capitan

    Capitan Village Elder

    Why? Too much rain and no water in the taps?
  10. mpotorico

    mpotorico Village Elder

    Amepelekwa mbio
  11. Pussi Signal

    Pussi Signal Village Elder

    Uyu ni dame:D
  12. Eva Gatheru

    Eva Gatheru New Villager

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  13. Ice_Cube

    Ice_Cube Village Sponsor

  14. Eva Gatheru

    Eva Gatheru New Villager

    Kindly add me
  15. Beast

    Beast Village Elder

    Una bonyeza hiyo link (https://telegram.me/mafisichannel). Otherwise unaweza come evening classes kwangu we see how we can mentor each other.
  16. Alchemist

    Alchemist Village Elder

    @Female Perspective ameingiwa na hizo zote...so you know.
  17. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Niache priss!!