Magufuli And Kamwana Have Bonded Since Handcheck- Peace To All!


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Below is the video courtesy of TBC and Global TV:

On Wednesday, Tanzania President, John Pombe Magufuli, at State House in Dar es Salaam, received the gold consignment from his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta. The luggage had been escorted by Foreign Affairs CS, Monica Juma, and other government officials.
Upon receiving the package, the outspoken Tanzanian leader took out his phone and called President Kenyatta to thank him.
Kenyan head of state assured his counterpart of the continued cordial relationship that would help improve the economies of the two countries.
Magufuli also handed the phone to his vice president Samia Suluhu to pass her regards.
When handed back the phone Magufuli could not hold back his admiration for the CS whom Uhuru had sent and opened up sating that she was not only beautiful but also knew her work.
Nashukuru kwa wewe kumtuma waziri wa mambo ya nje, Mbali ya kuwa ni mzuri lakini anachapa kazi na awakuwakilisha vizuri (I thank you for sending the foreign minister, apart from being beautiful she can also work and she is representing you well),” Magufuli stated.
The response that Uhuru gave left the room in stitches as he begged Magufuli to let his CS fly back home.
Huyo wachana na yeye arudi nyumbani tafadhali (please let her come back home),” Uhuru replied.
The Tanzanian leader ended the conversation by urging the crowd to cheer for his Kenyan counterpart due to his patriotism.


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Kama ingekuwa wakati spear alikuwa anaunga Uhuru mkono ( before handshake keeping in mind you woke up thrice at 2am ndio rat aende Bondo) ni yeye angeweka huu Uzi. Followed by 10k words praising the dynamic duo.
Bulshit PR..hapa najua Uhuru went to have his family empire interests while fuckking kenya

"President Uhuru promised to buy processed grain and not raw maize." - Magufuli Sad for this country. Even our millers will close this way if Uhuru made that decision.

Magufuli orders TZ military to mill the maize needed in Kenya and send it immediately. Sad for the country called Kenya.