This is Trans Men explaining Male Priviledge. These are people who were born women but transitioned to men. Who else would know better. Special dedication to those men who whine about feminism. Try being a woman!



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The World , and Life in General are complicated enough without all these misfits who cannot figure out if they are Male or Female ...

Humans have more important issues to grapple with ....Climate Change , Disease , Poverty , Illiteracy , Wars ...and Bad Governance ...

I have no issue with consenting Adults Scr*ewing each other in the An*us , using Strap-ons or Rubbing Cli*ts ...

Just keep all those activities in the privacy of your bedrooms and spare us the gory details and g** parades...!!!



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Rushed to youtube to check out the comments but of-course MTV being the little cunts they are had disabled comments !
Listening to a bunch of cunts telling realmen o how to be men ! BS
Ati walking down the street without feeling fear wacha apigwe ngeta atajua male privilege is BS !