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Manu Guru

Village Elder
Kuna hizi vitu zinaitwa IPN(Instant Payment Notification) ama ITN webhooks e.g ya Pesapal nahitaji usaidizi ku implement kwa website,
Huwa mtu akilipia kitu online inamredirect mara hio hio kama amelipa,
Mwenye anajua hizi vitu anisaidie,


Village Elder
You need to have your own server kama unataka kurun hii kitu. i know a guy alikuwa anatumia na bus ticket. Kama unataka kutumia na mpesa the concept is like this: mtu analipa, then your server which is attached with your mpesa line will notice the payment. Once the user inputs the same mpesa code the server will respond to the user by automatically redirecting them to landing page and at the same time they will get an sms from the server confirming their payment.

This proccess is good but hosting your own website at home ni expensive and not condusive.

Otherwise if you dont want to use mpesa as mode of payment kuna lots of plugins to use. Ama just check on paypal they have the same concept