Man set to marry his step mother

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A man is set to marry his
former stepmother after
months of battling with
French authorities.
According to the Mirror Eric
Holder, 45, will marry his
father’s former wife 48-year-
old Elisabeth Lorentz in the
small village of Dabo in
Alsace-Lorraine, in
northeastern France.
Although the couple are not
blood relatives, French law
prohibits all unions
between stepchildren and
The couple pleaded their
case through the courts
only to receive a signed
letter from President
Francois Hollande last year
reconfirming that such
marriages are banned. They
finally obtained the right to
marry from a local court in
north-east France in June.
The prosecutor’s office
opposed the decision but
did not appeal.
Bride-to-be Elisabeth said:
“At last, it’s the big day! I
simply hope that our story
will be useful to other
couples in our situation,
because I know there are
some.” But there are no
hard feelings from her
former husband – and her
fiancé’s father – who will be
among the 100 or so guests
on the big day. “He has
always supported us,”
Elisabeth added
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