Managerless Bayern


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Squad iko sawa it looks like they didn't adapt well to Ancelotti's tactics, since Pep left this squad's performance nose dived downwards.
I actually blame Pep for Bayern's problems. He went there to introduce his tit taka shit and messed Bayern up
Actually pia kuna issue ya wages, on average big teams like Real, Barca and bayern won't be able to control the transfer market like before. More clubs in EPL can now afford to buy expensive players.


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Mendy angekuwa, angeleta shida sana na hizo crosses zake.
Waaah But depth yao ya defence si mbaya pia.Danillo might start kwa io game.My problem is Chelsea hatuna luiz.Cahill nowadays ni useless.Would like to see Zappacosta start for Moses+ Rudiger na Christensen at the back.Cahill ni useless +Moses amechoka juu ya ile game ya wensday.