Manchester city vs Everton

not really. a striker can be so good that no manager would dare mess things up. Aguero's time is up. age is catching up plus really he has won what he can realistically win at citeh. i would not be surprised if he moves and suddenly becomes lethal once again.
Pep's style doesn't suite Aguero, he looks like a fish on land. His body language is also showing. Look at Falcao right now he has returned to the level that he was when he left Monaco he had stints in 2 or 3 different clubs which he all failed(maybe bcoz managers were unable to bring out the best in him). I'm a Man utd fan but if you ask anybody who has watched epl since Aguero walked into city they will probably rank him among the top 3 of fav strikers. As much as we expect players to adapt to manager's philosophies we should also expect managers to intergrate players attributes into their philosophies thats just what i'm saying.