Mandas mwoto

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
How does inability to hire househelps affect teenage kids?
Ok I know it affects teenage boys juu hawawes anza tizi ya threshold.
Seriously though, kids should be encouraged to make their beds, wash their clothes and generally clean after themselves even when there are two househelps in the house
Siku hizi wanaitwa Dadii na mum, ata teenie anaoshewa ngotha na domestic engineer


It all depends on:
How you raised them, the values you instilled.
Your actions and lifestyle. ( I don't drink in front of my kids ).
An open relationship with them.
Strictness where necessary.
And please teach your kids how to do house chores!

We all went through teenage years and made it out well.

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Kaka, the kingolondelet can cause enough hell to propel a rocket to the moon!
Simple, all you have to do is channel all that pent up energy productively, find her passion and let her indulge to the maximum
Refer to the article on the new curriculum above. Kazi ya Mwalimu itakua ni kutafuta talent ya mtoto nakui nurture