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just found out my or a woman who i call my wife has been cheating on me. she has been behaving weired ie switching 4ne off when going to shower and sleeping soo late. so today she hid her phone on one of house drawers, luck was on my side as i was looking for some documents. i saw the 4ne opened sent items and i got shoked not one but two guys. one she proclaims even to love and care about.
we have not been sleeping ie sexin for like 4 months due to her complains about me being unfaithfull, ( all men cheat but dont proclaim love to mipangos and if the do its lies)
i pay all her bills ie education about 100k , policies life 12k monthly and her upkeep.

am fed up guys ....

advise we have a child whom i love kabisa.


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Have a sit down with your wife and talk openly...if the two guys have dry fried her then VCT kwanza if clean run for the hills.


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She cannot be cheating on u if the last tym u had sex was four months ago. Haven't got to understand how this happens but this wud mean she has it with someone else as u also have it with other people. A piece of advice is that.... U guys need to put ur act together, and fast