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The sun tabloid has outdone itself - with a positive story on black man history!

DESPITE Jeff Bezos claiming the title as the world's richest man with a net worth of £99bn, he doesn't come close to Mansa Mura, world's richest man of all time.
The 14th-century King of Mali's fortune was so big that his generous gifts could cripple economies.

In 2012, estimated his wealth at £307billion. However, economic historians say it is impossible to establish the correct translation of his fortune.
Musa was born in 1280 into a ruler family, where his brother, Mansa Abu-Bakr, ruled the empire until 1312.

"Major trading centres that traded in gold and other goods were also in his territory, and he garnered wealth from this trade."
Mali grew significantly as Musa annexed 24 cities, including Timbuktu.
Mali accounted for almost half of Old World's gold, and all of it belonged to Mansa Mura.....................


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He was African @pipinono
@teamtalk there's no clear documentary, just short narrations.
He is said to have caused an inflation in Cairo on his way to makka for pilgrimage.
Giving away lots of gold coins in charity, had a major caravan.
That's a link to a site that has written a short piece about him and also contains a clip from YouTube on the piece.
There's alot of history destroyed by the Europeans, that is the crusaders and the Mongol empire if I got their name right.
Back in the day Baghdad had the largest university and library and one of these (crusaders/Mongol empire) threw books into the river until the river turned color because of the ink.
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Those who could top the Forbes top billionaires never allow themselves to be listed.It has been confirmed even Donald Trump was lied about his wealth just to appear in the top 100 sometimes back, this tells you the list that Forbes come up with is just for the few who want to be listed. People have money even twice Jeff Bezos fortune its only that they don't like the publicity. I'd rather be a silent billionaire than a famous one.

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