Maraga: Processes and Numbers


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Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that there is undue criticism on Justice Njoki Ndung’u since she could not appear? JaKuonists are exemplifying her as the reason for lack of quorum yet if all the other judges had shown up, they could have continued without her! Is this another example of blatant tribalism that we are supposed to ignore?

Anyway, Magara had everybody on edge again. There’s a lot of very questionable decisions around this whole thing that needs to be looked at with that finetoothed comb. The assumption that he would have canceled the elections is also very telling on the part of NASA.


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It has now dawned on Maraga that NUMBERS matters not PROCESSES.
Maraga failed to determine a petition because of lack of Numbers, numbers were'nt sufficient to form a legal quorum.
A snake has just nabbed it's own tail.
This is the plight of the black man. We celebrate small useless victories and can just not see the bigger picture.


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Just checking on how you are doing.
I am fine. For me I view the competition between Nasa and Jubilee the same way I view the competition between Man Utd and Arsenal. If the side that I support wins, I celebrate it as a victory for the side and not a personal victory and vice versa.