18+ Marriage is a scam....read this

Uyu jamaa alijipeleka kichinjioni yeye mwenyewe. Tatoo, pin kwa mapua ka ng'ombe, need i say more...
hehe this lady has been balling hard on Facebook..sasa venye watoto wanarudi shule analia eti ako jobless,,,mara school fees, mara husband ako na pesa na anamfrustrate.,..i smell blackmail


Village Elder
What's so wrong with paragraphs and punctuations? Some of these social media posts make me so angry...... Aaarrrrrghhhhhhhh. You do not have to write a grammatically correct sentence but at least organize your thoughts and have the reader in mind. Some of these people write in the same way they speak.

I compare this mode of endlessly blabbering to how Kenyans speak on a microphone when they are asked to give an opinion about something by a journalist.